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SEO Freelancers is an environment where webmasters can outsource their search optimization and marketing projects to SEO expert around the world. It provides a quick, efficient way to locate the talent you need, at the price you need, in a risk free reverse auction setting.

How it works..

The workflow begins with webmasters detailing their SEO project where they outline what they want done, when they want it done, their budget, the experience the service provider should have, and so forth. Of course the information provided can be as detailed or as minimal as preferred (not all webmasters want to disclose their budget for example)

Service providers then bid on the project outlining their response to the project criteria, and the webmaster can select the service provider of choice. One of the great things about a reverse auction is rather than the price going up, SEO service providers compete and drive the price down.

Once a webmaster has awarded a bid to a service provider, the service provider confirms, and work begins. Both parties communicate, collaborate, and exchange documents within the SEO Freelancers workspace, where all activity can be tracked and managed by both parties.

Once the work is completed to their mutual satisfaction
, both parties rate their collaborative experience, and the webmaster closes the project, paying the service provider.

So why use SEO Freelancers ?

Its an environment that’s dedicated to the SEO & SEM niche. It’s custom designed to meet the needs of webmasters and SEO Experts , and focused on getting the job done in a risk free setting.

The use of the SEO Freelancers website is also completely FREE, except where featuring or highlighting a project. This alone sets SEO Freelancers apart from other websites, because no fees or commissions are charged to service providers or webmasters. Membership is also free.

What’s new at SEO Freelancers ?

We’re introducing our new SEO OutBid Service – an SMS alerting system for Webmasters and Service Providers who want instant notification via cellular or mobile phone when a bid is placed, or a bid is accepted. And of course – the SEO OutBid service is also totally free !

When does it all go live ?

We’re working on making the site as focused and user friendly as possible. Which means SEO Freelancers wont be available to handle your SEO outsourcing projects until early Decmeber 2007.

If you’d like to know more about the site, or be invited to the closed user testing sessions, feel free to contact us via email on support at

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