What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term given to the strategic development of a website in order to make it ‘appealing’ to Google and other search engines. SEO tactics changes very frequently as Google and the other engines strive to ensure that websites that they prioritise satisfy the requirements of the user(s). There are no guarantees in SEO but certain rules that apply today have always applied. Good search engine optimisation is often perceived as a gift by those that have it, such as entrepreneurialism is to an entrepreneur. What may appear obvious to SEO experts is quite frequently bewildering to the many millions of website owners that wish to gain significant presence on Google and the other primary search engines.
In what is probably the most fiercely commercial online business the results of the SEO companies providing service in this field of expertise can quite often speak for themselves. For clarity, if you managed to find these pages, either by good search engine rankings or domain strategy, then you have probably already answered the question “Can you help me gain better SEO and new business from the internet?”
Ultimately Google wants to deliver results that are relevant and useful to the internet user, this in turn will ensure that the user returns to Google time after time to satisfy their internet search requirements.
Logically, websites that provide a good service or product to the user stand a very good chance of being listed (ranked) highly. If you are going to take one thing away with you in your mind after reading this website then this is it; ‘true SEO Expert in Ahmedabad have only one target, and that is the first half of page one of Google for the relevant keywords that are related to the company, products or services. Anything less is simply a waste of time and money’.
Some of the techniques embraced by Search Engine Optimisation experts are:

  • A well designed website that delivers the product or service in a clear and simple fashion
  • Analysis of what already works and what your competition do
  • Appropriate keywords and meta description
  • Brand clarity
  • Confusion reduction
  • Content copywriting; more clarity
  • Domain name strategy
  • Imagery that is appropriate
  • Linkage
  • Meta title construction
  • Offline marketing
  • Site mapping

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